Sims Shell Generator
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The Shellcaster is a Sims shell generator for The Sims shell challenges!

What is a Sims shell challenge?

Popularised by YouTubers and streamers like lilsimsie, shell challenges are a kind of Sims build challenge that provide a fun constraint to inspire a creative Sims build. Just use the wall tool to copy the shell into build mode, and then turn it into a cosy cottage, or a modern mansion, or a ridiculous restaurant… whatever you can imagine!

As lilsimsie would say, the only rule is: “Do not touch my walls.” You can move and rotate the shell, add interior walls to create rooms, change the wall height, add foundation and platforms, and attach half walls/fences/porches to the outside of the shell. But the original shell should stay the same!

What if the generator makes something too boring/weird?

Reroll! We’re still tweaking the algorithm, so if you have feedback or suggestions get in touch: @TheShellCaster

How can I generate multiple storeys?

A future update will add the ability to generate multiple storeys. For now, we suggest generating an additional shell the same size or smaller, and trying to combine the two in an interesting way. Jerica ended up building a pretty good beach house this way!

How can I share my builds with you?

Upload your builds to the Sims gallery and use the hashtag #Shellcaster in the description. Share screenshots with us on Twitter: @TheShellCaster

How can I use the generator to set my own shell challenges?

If you share the seed number and size setting with your followers, they will be able to access the exact same shell as you. See who can turn it into the most interesting Sims build!

Feedback/suggestions? Get in touch: @TheShellCaster